SEUL at Linux World Expo New York 2001

SEUL obtained a booth in the .org pavilion, courtesy of the Open Source Developers Network, at Linux World Expo New York 2001. The expo lasted from Wednesday January 31, 2001 until Friday February 2, 2001. It was held in the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City.

Picture of the Expo Center
The Jacob Javits Expo Center's "crystal palace" area during the expo.

The booth, primarily to promote the SEUL/edu project, consisted of technology demos and flyers to showcase the project's status. Harry McGregor, head of the Open Source Education Foundation (OSEF), was on hand to demonstrate his classroom oriented computer case (displayed below) and answer any OSEF related questions. Doug Loss, the acting head of SEUL/edu at the time, was there to show the capabilities of using obsolete Mac hardware as Linux X-Terminals. Others on hand included Roger Dingledine, the visionary leader of SEUL, Pete St. Onge, Summer, Felipe Bergo, and Daniel E. Markle, each on hand to answer questions about SEUL at large and their particular projects. (Surely I forgot someone...)

Picture of The Beast
"The Beast" in the SEUL/edu booth at Linux World Expo. A box designed by the OSEF for use in classrooms.

Also taking place was a SEUL/edu discussion and planning meeting. A lot was discussed, including where the project is going, how to drum up more membership, and specifics of how we wanted to implement certain projects. Included in later discussion were some SEUL/sci issues, and a few general SEUL problems that needed to be solved.

Mandrake helped us a great deal at this event, providing a machine to demo our software on, helping to pay for our hotel rooms and travel fees, and giving us advice and other help throughout the expo.

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