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SEUL/edu is the discussion group for those interested in using Linux for education. This covers all aspects of educational uses of Linux, by teachers, parents, and students.

In addition to the discussion, we are collecting resources that should enable the development (with the help of interested volunteers) of various open source software that can make Linux more desirable to educators and parents interested in using Linux for their children's education.

SEUL/edu is a sub-project of SEUL, the Simple End User Linux project.

Like the other SEUL groups, SEUL/edu is run over a mailing list. To subscribe, simply email with the following command in the body of the message, not the subject line:

subscribe seul-edu

Alternatively, you could enter your email address in the form below and click the "Subscribe" button.

Your email address will be used by the SEUL/edu project solely to deliver mailing list messages to you. If you post to the list, then you may receive email in response to your post. Upon subscription, you will receive instructions on how to unsubscribe.

Archives of the seul-edu list are available. Before the creation of seul-edu in December of 1998, the discussion took place on the seul-pub mailing list. You can see those discussions in the October and November archives of that list.

This section describes people leading and participating in the SEUL/edu movement.
  • Doug Loss ( is the leader of the SEUL/edu group.
  • Wil Langford ( maintains some of the SEUL/edu portion of

There are also numerous people leading projects or participating in the mailing list.

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